Are your counter-tops cluttered with wine bottles?

Wine Bottle Clutter

Are you proud of your wine collection but embarrassed by how it’s displayed?
There are countless small wine racks for sale. Many sit on the counter-top to hold a few bottles. That may put a bow on the problem, but you are still losing counter space.


Small Wine Racks

What if there was a wine rack insert for your kitchen cabinet?

You know, the cabinet with all those extra pots you rarely use. What if it was a DIY wine rack that was quick and easy to install? Wouldn’t it be great to say goodbye to wine bottle clutter forever?


Introducing Wine Logic
Wine Logic is the perfect kitchen wine storage solution. The Wine Logic rack was built to fit snugly into any standard kitchen cabinet.
Wine Logic keeps kitchen counters free and clear while providing a more stable and suitable environment for wine storage. It also keeps your bottles out of the way but conveniently close at hand.
With three full-extension, gliding shelves, you can easily browse your complete wine collection without ever touching a bottle. Try finding a counter-top rack that can do all of that!


Your friends will be impressed.
Stop trying to force other wine rack kits into your cabinet. Wine Logic fits securely into any kitchen or bar cabinet.

Your friends will be impressed by the high end, custom look that didn’t cost you the custom prices and took mere minutes to install. You heard right, minutes.

If only everything could be this easy.
It doesn’t seem possible that wine racks that hold so much wine in such a small area could be installed into a kitchen cabinet in minutes.

However, each unit includes instructions that only require a Phillips-Head screwdriver to do just that. And when you are ready to move, you can take it apart in the same amount of time.