In Cabinet Wine Racks

Wine Logic is simple to install, simple to use, and simply impressive. Our wine racks fit inside standard base cabinets.

It comes pre-assembled so you can have it out of the box and into your cabinet in less than five minutes.

Wine Logic’s horizontal design preserves wine in the best possible conditions. Corks remain moist and swelled which keeps wine away from unwanted contact with the air.

The shade of cabinet storage also keeps light from effecting your wine. Simply pull out one of the full-extension, ball-bearing shelves and choose the wine you want.

Wine Logic is sure to impress your family and friends. The sleek, custom look, without the custom price will put a smile on your face as well. Each unit is meticulously crafted by career woodworkers, right here in the U.S.

Wine Logic is simple to install, simple to use and simply the only wine rack you will ever need.

Wine Logic Story

The story behind Wine Logic is a simple example of creative problem solving in action.

The makers of the Wine Logic rack have long been in the practice of giving thoughtful, handcrafted gifts to friends and family to mark holidays, special occasions and milestone events.

It was the occasion of a daughter’s wedding that actually prompted the idea for the Wine Logic storage system.

Having noticed the surplus of wine bottles cluttering up her new kitchen counters and knowing that his daughter had little room (or extra funds!) for a stand-alone rack or refrigerated cooler, our designer decided that his gift would be a unique solution for home wine storage that kept bottles close at hand yet out of sight.

With careful consideration for proper wine storage conditions and a woodworkers keen eye for quality and detail, the in-cabinet wine rack that is Wine Logic came into being!

Today the inaugural Wine Logic rack sits next to its identical twin in the kitchen cabinets of our founder’s daughter – a twin rack that was specially requested very shortly after the installation of the original. It is our goal to ensure that every customer thereafter is as satisfied as our first.