Best of KBIS Winner

Not the cheapest but definitely the best! Superbly made and thought out design. Our cabinet maker installed for us and even he likes it!

Linda H5 Star

Easy to install and fit perfectly after following measuring instructions. Great way to store your wine.

Guy5 Star

This was easy to install and company has personal customer support. They took care of our issue immediately. This really is a sturdy, well made rack that fits our needs perfectly.

Wendy5 Star

It was time for us to turn a closet that was used for random storage into an awesome wine cellar. I ordered 10 of these wine racks – 5 from Amazon and 5 direct from the manufacturer, all for approximately the same price. They have very high quality drawer tracks, and assembly and mounting is very well thought out. However, as you can see in my photos, I wanted to stack one on top of another. I cut 3/4″ plywood for this purpose, but quickly realized that when placed on top of the rack, there was not enough room for any bottles to be in the top shelf! Well, that’s not going to fly… so I added 5/8″ neoprene blocks, and all is well. If you’re a troubleshooter in a pinch and can quickly improvise, not a big deal at all, but for someone not especially handy, but want to easily create a stacking wine rack, you’re going to have a little trouble at this stage. Wine Logic could easily remedy this issue just making the top of the vertical jambs 5/8″ – 3/4″ taller. Until then, you will need to modify the design to make it work, or only store 375 ml bottles on the top shelves.

Other than that tiny complaint, I’m loving these racks!! If I had one other suggestion, it would be to have alternate finished available. However, if this color suits you, don’t hesitate to purchase these and be confident they will work as advertised.

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BloomingPassion5 Star

We were renovating a wet bar area, and I was looking for a wine storage solution that maximized space and didn’t look ugly. I considered everything from customizing our cabinets to include a custom wine rack, to incorporating a specialty wine storage refrigerator, to DIY options like creating my own in-cabinet storage from cannibalized/repurposed IKEA parts. After spending hours scouring the internet, I found this wonderful product. It checked all the boxes: adequate number of bottles stored, aesthetically pleasing (it fits right into our custom cabinet), easy installation, and it is well constructed with solid wood and quality glides. This is truly a niche product for a specific purpose, and it serves that purpose well. Be aware that it fits most standard 750 mL wine bottles, however, some (such as champagne) will fit only on the top rack due to bottle diameter. Also, some wineries use tall bottles (Alpha Omega, Tournesol to name a couple), and these, too, will fit only on the top rack with the top of the bottle laid atop the sidebar. We’ve been using this product for almost a year, and overall we are quite pleased. It is a bit pricey, but it is almost a custom piece. And when you consider the quality of materials and construction as well as its intended purpose (to store and access wine in minimal space), it is a great value. I highly recommend it.

MommaV5 Star

Well made. Easy to install. Fit our space perfectly – I only have to open one cabinet to get what I want. The only thing I found was it will only accept bottles 12.5” tall or shorter and 3.5” in diameter or smaller, but still happy with the end result!

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JPB5 Star

This is a great solution to limited cabinet space. Easy to install, and holds 36 bottles in a space that can otherwise hold 12. Works for me!

NoName5 Star

Beautifully constructed and very well balanced ie when you pull out a drawer it glides out smoothly and doesn’t tip at all when fully loaded. Only quibble is that champagne bottles don’t fit well. They will only fit on the top shelf due to their thicker bodies and don’t completely lie flat due to the cork etc

JYFC5 Star

This is a great rack to organize your wine in a cabinet. It allows you to access the wine bottles for selection. It’s a bit up there in price but if you have a nice house and want to have a nice wine rack to complement your home, this is a good choice IMHO. Easy to install – took me about 30 minutes. I did put a spacer piece of wood on the side of the rack and against the cabinet wall just so I wouldn’t get it too far against the cabinet wall and effect the drawer mechanisms coming through the door openings and clearing the hinges and cabinet doors. That also helped keep it aligned front to back while I drilled the pilot holes for the screws to secure it into the cabinet. Works just as it should and it’s a great addition to my wine/liquor cabinet.

Ken5 Star

This was the perfect way to store our wine in a cabinet. We installed it in a 21” standard depth cabinet in our dry bar. Installed literally in minutes, and works smoothly. Best solution for wine storage we have ever found!

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Laura Gruss5 Star

I installed it into a cabinet who’s inside dimensions were not quite as big as required by installation manual. It actually still fit. I don’t recommend what I did but it worked out fine. I recommend watching the installation video. The racks feel sturdy and the rails roll out smoothly.

Thomas T.5 Star

Great product! Super sturdy! Definitely recommend!

Bruno C AllGood5 Star

Love this! This installed easily with 4 provided screws in standard depth base cabinet. The collapsing base system allows easy positioning in a narrower cabinet with a face frame – not needed in this situation, but pretty ingenious. Holds all but very tall Riesling bottles. Greatly expands storage space, and allows easy access for selection for 30 bottles. Fully loaded racks slide easily to full extension. Great product.

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C.E. Golden5 Star

I am to the moon with this product. Highly recommend. Full extension on all levels. Very, very sturdy and attractive too. Now my wine collection is separated from my other libations. Very impressive.

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C.E. Golden5 Star

So pleased with this space efficient and attractive storage solution for all the wines. Helpful installation video and an easy install. Love it!


Itstl5 Star

These racks are extremely well made and expect to get years of service out of them. Fit perfect in our pantry. Used one for wine and other for can storage. Were very easy to install.

Jeffery Sorrick5 Star

A little pricey but perfect for the space we put it in.

I Buy Too Much5 Star

Super EASY to install and sturdy well made craftsmanship. The instructions are easy to follow, but I also went to the Wine Logic and watched a short video on how to install, which was a nice extra. Drawers move very smoothly and bottles fit perfectly. Works like a charm. 

Andrea Suska5 Star

Great design & easy to install.

Meg5 Star

Could not have been easier to install. Works great

Ron Baysden5 Star

Installed (2) 24-bottle, and (2) 18-bottle racks under my staircase in the closet. They are in a dark, cool place and work wonderfully!
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Douglas S. Easton5 Star

This is a great space saving wine rack! My wife loves it. Very high quality construction and materials; it reminds me of a fine kitchen cabinet. Also am so glad to see some things are still made in USA! Was really easy to install in my cabinet with the directions included; only took me about 10 minutes total from opening the box to sliding in the final drawer. We’re going to buy one of the 30 bottle racks for canned goods.

DY II5 Star

I use mine to hold cleaning products in my linen closet. The shelf is very deep, which made it hard to get to items in the back without knocking things over. This rack solved that problem. Now I roll out a shelf and can easily access the can or bottle that I need.

Yancando5 Star

I use mine to hold cleaning products in my linen closet. The shelf is very deep, which made it hard to get to items in the back without knocking things over. This rack solved that problem. Now I roll out a shelf and can easily access the can or bottle that I need.

Yancando5 Star

A perfect solution to adding wine storage to our remodeled kitchen. We looked at refrigerated units, but this was a much better solution. Well built and easy to install.
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Andrea Suska5 Star

Exceptional quality and functionality…also made in USA!

Frances5 Star

Glides so smoothly! Beautifully made. 5 star item!

C Green5 Star

A terrific product that’s easy to install and stores a lot of wine in a readily accessible space.

WKH5 Star

Nicely made. Sturdy and beautiful

Customer5 Star

The design allows for a lot of wine in just a small space with the ability to access any of them at will. We have 24 bottles tucked away in the bottom of our pantry and can get to any of them to browse and choose what we want. Not inexpensive but the ideal storage solution for our small house.

Royce W. Johnson5 Star

Unbelievably easy installation, looks fantastic and functions as expected.

Customer5 Star

Love this wine rack! Well worth the price.

Customer5 Star

This is a great storage product either for wine or cans and bottles.

Dean Schwickerath5 Star

We incorporated this into our kitchen remodel. It’s terrific, though pricey.

Labyrinth5 Star

This is a great product. Each shelf pulls out effortlessly and it comes completely assembled. Awesome, would highly recommend.

H Larkin5 Star

Loved my Wine Logic from day one! All our extra bottles of wine were off my counter tops and no longer crammed into my cabinets with no organization. I like that the wine logic racks glide out with ease, and the labels are upright and easy to quickly identify the wine selection.

Customer5 Star

This is a fantastic product! We ordered one for our kitchen remodel it is one of favorite new additions! Holds a great number of bottles and stores very easily and compactly in our cabinet/bar setup. I would recommend this product for any wine Bryan5 Star

I love this wine storage rack. it is the perfect solution and so well made. In fact I have the 24″ and 30″ and love them just as much.

Lynn Mason5 Star

Love this product. Very sturdy and built for convenience. We use it for canned goods. Plan on getting another. BUILT IN THE USA!!!

Krystal5 Star

I bought this rack for a custom cabinet. It fit like it was custom made. One small issue, sliding out can be difficult as some bottles on lower racks touch bottom of sliding rack.

Andrew J5 Star

Designed for Wine Enthusiasts


• Solid Maple Wood

• Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

• Clear Finish

• Holds Maximum 3″ Diameter Bottles

• Holds Maximum 12-5/8″ Length Bottles