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Wine Logic: Designed for Wine Enthusiasts

Wine Logic is the perfect kitchen wine-storage solution because it allows you to store your wine close at hand.

With the Wine Logic system, you can easily browse your complete wine collection without ever leaving the kitchen. The racks come in two-shelf, three-shelf, four-shelf and five-shelf versions. Each shelf holds six bottles of wine.

Organization is Effortless

Keeping your wine organized is easy too. Just arrange bottles with the label facing up. You’ll be able to see all six bottles at a glance when you pull out a drawer. This is so much faster than pulling bottles one at a time out of a traditional rack.

Categorization is just as simple. You could arrange your wine by country of origin — keeping your French, Spanish and German wines on different shelves. Or, you could organize them by wine type. For example, put all the Merlots together on one shelf, and all your bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon on another.

The rack will help to keep your kitchen counters free and clear while providing a stable environment suitable for wine storage. The Wine Logic rack fits inside a standard 18-inch wide (or larger) base cabinet.

Try finding a countertop rack that can do all of that!

Quality Construction

Wine enthusiasts will love the Wine Logic’s high construction standards. Our racks are made from premium components and solid wood to provide years of trouble-free service. 

• Full-extension, ball-bearing slides allow each drawer to glide smoothly in and out of the rack.• Each shelf is rated for 100 pounds of weight which is more than sufficient to support a full tray of wine bottles.• The racks can be installed in a 24-inch-deep standard base cabinet that is 18-inches wide or larger. Click here to read more about measurements.• We have designed the rack for fast and easy installation. Click here to read more about installation.• The racks are designed to be securely mounted to the floor of your cabinet. This prevents it tipping over when the fully loaded drawers are pulled out.• Each unit is meticulously crafted by career woodworkers right here in the U.S.

Reduces Clutter

Are you tired of running to the basement to retrieve a few bottles of wine? Most people want to keep their wine close at hand, but keeping wine on your countertops takes up valuable workspace and can make your kitchen feel cluttered and untidy.The Wine Logic wine-rack system solves this problem. By installing the rack in a kitchen cabinet, you can have neat and tidy surfaces and keep your wine out of the way without sacrificing accessibility or convenience.• Store wine out of sight in a convenient kitchen cabinet.• Have easy access to between 12 and 30 bottles of wine depending on which size wine rack you install.• Easily find the bottle you want when you place them in the rack with the label side up.

High-End Solution at an Affordable Price

The Wine Logic storage system offers the quality and appearance of a custom-built solution without the high price tag.Beautiful, Finished WoodThe wood racks are made from attractive, solid maple that matches the interior color of most kitchen cabinets.To preserve the wood’s beauty, our racks have been sealed with two coats of a clear sealant. Not only does this make the wood easy to wipe clean, but it also prevents warping. In the event of a wine spill, the clear coat protects the wood from unsightly stains.Rigid Strength and DurabilityEach unit is hand crafted in America using premium woodworking techniques. For strength, the frame is secured with double-pocket screws at each joint. In addition, dado-pocket joints are glued and stapled together in the construction of the wine-storage trays.The ball bearing glides, which are rated to support 100 pounds, are secured to the frame in three places to keep the unit strong and rigid.Did you know that luxury wine refrigerators or the services of a skilled cabinet maker could cost well over a thousand dollars?Wine Logic wine racks offer many of the same features at a fraction of the price.

Optimal Wine Storage

There are few things as disappointing as opening a bottle of wine only to discover it has developed a vinegar-like or musty taste. Wine stored on kitchen countertops, where it is exposed to light and heat, can spoil quickly.A Wine Logic storage rack not only helps you manage your wine collection but also helps to protect your wine from going bad.• Wine is stored horizontally, on its side, to keep the cork moist and swollen. This prevents air from getting into the bottle and spoiling the wine. Wine that has been “corked” has a musty smell and taste.• Side storage also keeps naturally occurring sediment away from the cork.• The dark environment in your cabinets will keep wine fresh and prolong its life.• Warm wine tastes dull and flat and can develop an overly alcoholic flavor. By using the Wine Logic rack in a cabinet, you protect it from your kitchen’s temperature fluctuations.

Store almost anything with a bottle-like shape in the Wine Logic storage system.
Storing wine in a cool, dark cabinet using the Wine Logic in-cabinet wine rack keeps your wine fresh.